The Ginfest offers an unique experience for all your senses, hundreds of gins and cocktails to taste, seminars from leading bartenders and experts. 

  • At Ginfest, you have the opportunity to taste different styles of gin in one place and understand this whole interesting category. Educational seminars and masterclasses on various topics from the world of gin with leading domestic and foreign experts will be offered again this year as part of the basic ticket.
  • More than 150 different gins from all over the world 
  • Gin cocktails from the best bartenders
  • Seminars, workshops and guided tastings with leading gin experts
  • Screening of a film about gin
  • Great catering and Dj's

The Ginfest is under professional guarantee of Barlife, an exclusive specialised magazine focused on modern gastronomy. This respected and impartial title has been a source of education, inspiration and entertainment for readers since 2004.

WALL STREET - unique exhibition part of Ginfest
The WALL STREET project, focusing on the most prominent artists with roots in the Czech graffiti scene (Jan Kaláb / Point, Petr Königsmark / Zeb One, Jakub Matuška / Masker, Michal Škapa / Tron, Jakub Uksa / Obic, Ondřej Vyhnánek / X-Dog and others), will take place simultaneously at Villa Pellé. The exhibition will combine hanging paintings with several works created directly on the gallery walls. The core of the line-up consists of legends of Czech graffiti who participated in the initiation of the project, but also several other strong writers who have emerged in the intervening decade. 
Admission to the exhibition is included in the price of a basic ticket to Ginfest.

The exact programme is being prepared.

Seminars Ginfes 2022

Ingredients as the key to the perfect cocktail

15:00 - 15:45

speaker: František Holeček, Fever-Tree ambassador for UPB company

The way to the perfect cocktail leads through quality ingredients. That’s why, it is necessary to pay attention to every ingredient, which is used. As you can see through this masterclass, high quality is the main priority for Fever-Tree. This masterclass will focus on the history and processing of specific ingredients that are essential to the production of Fever-Tree. In the masterclass you will not only learn more about the story of quinine as a key ingredient in every tonic, but also about other ingredients, including oranges from Mexico and ginger from Nigeria.

The seminar will be held in Czech language.

The Asian Gin Route - from Japan to India

16:00 - 16:45

speaker: Kryštof Hordina, UPB Whisk(e)y ambassador and huge fan of Nikka brand

Come and enrich your 'diet' and discover the history, development and use of gins working with a certain 'wow effect',

In Europe, we have been riding on wave of gin popularity for some time, but now some of the attention is shifting to Asia, where the spirit is gaining much popularity and beginning to follow on the heels of the more successful whisky in the region. As a result, of course, new brands and products are being born. The Nikka coffey gin and Amrut Nilgiris brands will introduce you the pioneers, which are traditionally Japan and India, but you can expect new, exotic gins from Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines.

The seminar will be held in Czech language.

Japanese highball - simple perfection

17:00 - 17:45

speaker: Peter Bobula, Beam Suntory Brand Ambassador

On its surface, the highball is one of the simplest cocktails out there. Yet when perfected, it turns into a delicate and refreshing libation that’s more complex than it appears.

Precise preparation, meaningful ingredients, the right ratio and a lot of love. Perfect highballs need all this. That's exactly what you get at Roku Gin bar. After this seminar, you will enjoy their simple perfection even more.

The seminar will be held in Czech language.

Maison Villevert Gins

18:00 - 18:45

speaker:  Bruno Pereira, Export Area Manager

Let’s discover the secret behind French grape gin. When and where it came from, why it’s so different from other gins and how it’s produced. Moreover you can taste original Royal Pear & Cardamon Gin, exclusive novelty of this year.

The seminar will be held in English.